Taking Task to the clouds
Before Task, we already had a little experience of iCloud: our games, SEQ and ON/OFF, use it to sync levels solved by players between their devices. Of course, with Task we had to sync tasks which is a much more complicated problem.

What's new with Task 2?
Task was initially designed to be an iPhone app. We see it as a little notebook that you always have with you. This is the reason why we chose not to make it universal: the iPhone and iPod were the only devices that you could truly carry everywhere as Task is supposed to be. But when Apple released the iPad mini, a few months ago, we were forced to change our minds! The iPad mini is small enough to be carried in a bag or even a pocket, so, being able to use Task on an iPad was no longer a nonsense. We had to make Task universal!

Dink and the invention of new colors
The GIF format is now public domain. As we were (and still are) in love with animated GIFs (we made a few ones with MS Paint ten years ago), we have always been wanting to use this format on the iPhone.
Dink: let's draw a penis!
Dink is an app to draw and share animations. Officially, Dink means "Digital Ink". But it also means penis. Indeed, we though that the first thing that one user would draw with Dink would be a penis :) And we were probably right!

But how could we have expected those absolutely amazing animations? Dink has gathered a community of very talented animators. In order to pay tribute to their work, we have made a few video clips from some of their best animations. Others will come later today.

A game for NASA engineers
When we invented the concept of ON/OFF, it was impossible for us to know whether the game will be easy or hard. The different kinds of blocks came to us naturally, without looking for them, and instantly formed a consistent whole. It was therefore obvious that we had to develop this idea.
+1: a design lesson
+1 can be compared to Mr Mood: it is an app designed and developed quickly. Even though these two apps can prove themselves to be useful, they are mostly experiments: they show our "vision".
We want AppGratis back!
Last week, AppGratis was pulled from the App Store by Apple. Is this decision fair or not? What help/advantages companies like AppGratis provide to iOS developers? Is it cheating? We would like to answer those questions from a small team's point of view.

Welcome to 1Button
Today is a big day for us: we have officially moved from our student bedrooms to a real office! For two years we have been making iOS apps under the name of Nuage Touch. But it was not "official". Nuage Touch was not a company, not a studio, it was the team that allowed us to experiment app development and marketing.

We are now ready for the next step, 1Button