Welcome to 1Button
Today is a big day for us: we have officially moved from our student bedrooms to a real office! For two years we have been making iOS apps under the name of Nuage Touch. But it was not "official". Nuage Touch was not a company, not a studio, it was the team that allowed us to experiment app development and marketing.

We are now ready for the next step, 1Button

1Button is the indie studio that we have co-founded in order to continue the work initiated with Nuage Touch. This new name shows the simplicity and the focus we try to reach in our apps. Therefore, we have pulled some of our old apps from the App Store to begin this new adventure with a cleaned collection of apps. The remaining apps will be updated during the upcoming week and there will be some surprises, so stay tuned :)

We also have redesigned our website to improve the promotion of our apps. It is clearer and easier to use. It was a lot of work so we hope you like it!

Yes, we are ready: take a look at our new office!

The team
April 17, 2013