What's new with Task 2?
Task was initially designed to be an iPhone app. We see it as a little notebook that you always have with you. This is the reason why we chose not to make it universal: the iPhone and iPod were the only devices that you could truly carry everywhere as Task is supposed to be. But when Apple released the iPad mini, a few months ago, we were forced to change our minds! The iPad mini is small enough to be carried in a bag or even a pocket, so, being able to use Task on an iPad was no longer a nonsense. We had to make Task universal!

As cool as it sounds it was not that easy:
  • Task cannot be used as is on the iPad, its interface has to be adapted a little.
  • Task was not at all coded to be converted to a universal app.
  • A lot of people own an iPhone and an iPad now so there might be users willing to use Task on both. Task would need iCloud sync.

Also, after using Task for almost a year there were many improvements that we wanted to do. The only "reasonable" solution was to rewrite Task entirely. This way, we could add all the features we wanted without being bothered by some technical issues from the old Task's source code. The app would also benefit from the experience we gained with the projects we developed after Task.

Obviously, the first things we wanted to improve were graphical. The spirit is the same but we have made several changes. For example, the interface is flatter and we used lighter fonts to make it less heavy. Take a look a the timeline from Task and the one from Task 2, it shows well what kind of evolution we sought:

Also look at the entry form from Task 1 and the one from Task 2. The new one is a lot nicer isn't it?

We have also made the color themes better. There are eight ones at the moment, but we will add more later.

Click to enlarge

Apart from the graphical improvements we have also worked hard on the user experience by improving the user interface and extending Task's features.

And finally, iCloud! This feature was really important. As I pointed out previously, there are more and more people owning an iPhone and an iPad now. Therefore it wouldn't have made any sense to make Task universal without providing a way to sync one user's tasks between his/her devices. The "easiest" way to achieve this on iOS is to use iCloud. In quotes because iCloud is actually a mess and a nightmare for the developers to integrate with their apps. I won't be too specific but keep in mind that it was hard and we are really proud to have managed to "master" iCloud!

June 20, 2013