The unexpected journey of Folioscope
This week, we're revisiting the fascinating story of Folioscope, which has just reached a major milestone: over one million animations are now hosted on our servers! Born in 2010 to feed our passion for animation, this journey has turned out to be a key element in the development of our biggest game to date, Boom.

Boom! 300,000 Players in Just 3 Months!
Boom was released three months ago, following an extended development period and a challenging soft-launch phase, which I'll delve into in an upcoming post. This marks the first game we've self-published in over five years. Despite a difficult launch due to limited resources, we've already surpassed the 300,000-player mark—a very promising start!

We chose to release Boom on Thursday, May 25th, as it was a quieter week ahead of the traditional big studio announcements in June. The game itself was ready to launch, but we still had to prepare all the marketing materials: images, store descriptions, keywords, press releases, videos... All of these tasks are time-consuming, and it wasn't until the final stages that we started using AI to help us draft and translate some of the text.

During the launch period, we reached out to every website and YouTuber who might be interested in covering the game. We prioritized those who had previously discussed our games and were somewhat familiar with us. Some Mr Bullet videos have even amassed several million views!

To our great surprise, hardly anyone talked about Boom!
The blog is back!
Eight years have passed since the last article was posted on this blog! When you're caught in the whirlwind of action, it's hard to find the time to share our journey. However, these past few years have been eventful.

We've launched several successful games like Mr Jump, Mr Bullet and The Superhero League. We've also faced numerous setbacks that have taught us invaluable lessons. For the first time in our studio's history, we've expanded our team. Finally, after transitioning from native iOS games to multiplatform games, we are embarking on a new technological shift that is steering us toward 3D and multiplayer games—a significant milestone for us.

We plan to revisit these pivotal moments in future articles. However, I'm convinced that the future of 1Button will be even more exciting than the past ten years. There's so much more to share. We're relaunching this blog primarily to document our own journey. Of course, if our adventures pique the curiosity of our visitors, we'll be delighted to share our experiences with them.

To reboot this blog and our social media channels (X et Instagram), we are enlisting the help of our new assistant: ChatGPT. It already assists us in writing numerous texts for our games: notifications, descriptions, press releases, and even some translations. Fine-tuning is always needed, but this AI's assistance is a precious time-saver, especially for our English writings.

Stay tuned for a new article every week, and feel free to leave your comments or questions below. We'll touch base again soon!
New contest: tweet a short video to win a Mr Jump figurine!
Dear Mr Jump fans,

Two weeks ago, we received thousands of tweets for our contest. We would like to thank you all for your love messages.

It's time to start a new contest! This time, you will have to tweet a short video about Mr Jump with the hashtag #MrJumpVideoContest before midnight on Monday 25th. The video duration must be less than 10 seconds. To record the video, you can use Twitter, Vine, Instagram or any equivalent app.

It can be anything related to Mr Jump: the reaction of your sister failing at Mr Jump, a stop motion animation, a funny cosplay, anything. Be creative!

Mr Jump Level Editor
Mr Jump is a platformer featuring 24 handmade levels. As the game is extremely difficult, you can imagine how hard it was for us to design its levels. We had to try every part and every trap many, many times. Designing a level is an iterative process, with the constant need to go back and forth from the level editor to the game.

That is why our level editor is an iOS app. This way, we can edit a level and directly try it out on a real device. As you can see in the video below, the app is not for public release because it is not really user-friendly. But it is really useful! The essential feature is the ability to start to play in a level from anywhere :)

Win a 3D printed Mr Jump!
Hello Mr Jump fans!

Wouldn't it be great if you could win a beautiful 3D printed Mr Jump?

We are launching a contest on Twitter: all you have to do is to tweet why you love Mr Jump before midnight on Sunday 10th. Don't forget to include the hashtag #MrJumpContest.

PILE: a long and chaotic development
After months of hard work, we finally released our new game. PILE is a huge update of a little game we launched in 2012.

New themes for Task (and minor updates for iOS 7)
At 1Button, we were very fond of flat design before it was cool! Therefore, our apps already worked well on iOS 7 without any change. That said, they need to be updated anyway to add the new features of iOS 7, such as the translucent keyboard.

And today we begin with Mr Mood, +1 and Task! There is also a little surprise in the latter: we have added 5 new "Plastic" themes to match with your iPhone 5c. There is one new theme for each of them: White, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Mr Mood has found his wife!
We have recently came across a funny little app on the App Store called Miss Diary. The concept of Miss Diary is quite simple: you record your mood every day and, after a while, you will be able see if you have a happy life. Yes, it is the exact same concept as Mr Mood :)
Task is a calendar app while Clear is a to-do list app
After Task was released, in June 2012, several blogs compared it with Clear, released a few weeks before. Indeed, we thought that Clear's gestures would become common in the future so we decided to use them in Task. And we were right, just like the well-known Pull-to-Refresh — introduced by Tweetie — these gestures are now a part of the interaction language of iOS. It is important to understand that Task is more a calendar app than a to-do list app. Besides, with Task, we have introduced many innovative features in order to rethink the calendar on mobile devices. And we have improved these features with Task 2. This major update is the opportunity for us to emphasize our contribution.