Mr Jump Level Editor
Mr Jump is a platformer featuring 24 handmade levels. As the game is extremely difficult, you can imagine how hard it was for us to design its levels. We had to try every part and every trap many, many times. Designing a level is an iterative process, with the constant need to go back and forth from the level editor to the game.

That is why our level editor is an iOS app. This way, we can edit a level and directly try it out on a real device. As you can see in the video below, the app is not for public release because it is not really user-friendly. But it is really useful! The essential feature is the ability to start to play in a level from anywhere :)

With Mr Jump, our goal was to create perfect levels: every spike, every obstacle and every platform must be there for a reason. There must be a perfect path that allows to complete each level beautifully. We chose to only use a limited number of game elements (spikes, platforms, second jumps, infinite jumps, jetpack, force fields) that we combined in many clever ways. We found a lot of smart arrangements that made possible to create completely different levels. Somehow, creating these levels was similar to creating the puzzles in our previous games: it is the same kind of reflexion.

Designing the levels was just one part of the creative process and there were a lot of other things to do for each level, like composing a music and designing a unique environment. But that is another story!
The team
May 08, 2015