Mr Jump is back!

Mr Jump was a hit in 2015 (over 24 million players, #1 on the App Store, etc.). The game was a hardcore platformer: 77% of our players never got to the 2nd level! And only 753 players (0.003%) managed to finish the 36 levels of the game.

Maybe it was a bit too difficult... That is why we are launching today a simplified version of Mr Jump: Mr Jump S. Same environments, same gameplay, but completely new levels that everybody can enjoy.

Mr Jump S is still a side-scrolling, one-button platformer with the same simple and colorful graphics. The goal is to make the character jump to avoid traps and reach the end of the level.

It reuses the same game mechanics and the same environments that almost nobody had the chance to see in the first Mr Jump. This time the difficulty curve is finely tuned to allow any player to enjoy the game.

All the levels are new and handmade, with a progressive difficulty. Each environment (plains, mountain, forest...) now contains 3 short levels instead of 1 long level.

Mr Jump S contains World A (12 environments, 36 levels) and the first half of World B (6 environments, 18 levels). World B is unlocked as soon as the player reaches the 3rd environment in World A. New levels will be added over time.

The game is free with a few ads per session. There are two optional IAPs to remove the ads and skip levels.

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