Nekosan, the worthy successor to Mr Jump
We are super happy to launch our new platform game, Nekosan!

Here is the plot:

Oh no! The mice stole all the stars :'(
Only a cat can infiltrate their dungeons to get them back!
Help Nekosan and his friends to run, slide, wall jump, and fly through dozens of devilish levels. And all of this with one finger!
Are you up to the challenge?

We wanted to continue what we initiated with Mr Jump: to create a platformer that is as good as on consoles but that is well suited for mobile devices. Our goal was to keep the one-button control, but also to do more than an auto-runner. And after months of research, we eventually did it!

Nekosan (Mr Cat in Japanese) is a side-scrolling, one-button platformer featuring our easily identifiable minimalist style, with a cat as a main character. The character runs automatically. It can jump over obstacles and wall jump to change its direction with a simple tap.

All the levels are handmade, with a smooth difficulty curve and a good balance between platform and puzzle mechanics. Each level is divided into small stages that almost always fit on screen. Players never get lost and the game can be interrupted easily.

The goal is to grab all the stars to complete a stage. Stages are made of platforms, spikes, blocks, powers-ups, complex animations, switches! And cute little mice (the ennemies).

There are 8 levels (each made of 10 stages). New levels will be added on a regular basis.

As an optional quest, there are also fish cleverly hidden in the levels, but catching them can be really tough. Fish can be used to unlock additional playable characters: a female cat, a bear, a duck, a monkey, a pig! A total of 8 characters are available. More characters will be added over time.

We also created iMessage Stickers featuring Nekosan and his friends in various situations.

Nekosan is free with a few ads and a few optional IAPs.

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