Mr Jump finally lands on Android!
The Android version of Mr Jump is finally ready! The game was originally developed as a native iOS app, so creating an Android version wasn't as easy as flipping a switch. The game needed to be re-developed from the ground up to work on Android.

As Android development and Android publishing are not our core businesses, we decided to partner with ZPLAY, a global, mobile games developer and publisher. We worked together to create a Mr Jump for Android that is every bit as good as its iOS counterpart. We are thrilled to bring Mr Jump to a whole new audience!

Mr Jump is a one-button, side-scrolling auto-runner with a punishing level of difficulty. It experienced tremendous viral growth on iOS, propelling it to over 10 million downloads in just its first two weeks, more than 20 million in total. It ranked third in Apple's 'Best of 2015' awards. The game features 12 hand-made levels (World A) on launch. Additional worlds of levels will be added soon after.

Mr Jump for Android is available for free on Google Play. The game is available in 14 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Thai, Korean, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.

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