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After two years of passionate work, we are glad to release our bigger project ever: Boom!
Boom! is a PvP game that combines fast-paced duels with colorful pixel art graphics.

Engage in epic online battles in destructible environments, demolish your opponents, and climb the leaderboards in this exhilarating turn-based mobile game!
Boom! features an arsenal of unique and well-balanced weapons. Whether you prefer the long-range and classic Bazooka, or the terrifying bouncy Chicken that lays a dozen explosive eggs, Boom! has got you covered. The game promises endless hours of gaming fun with a vibrant roster of pixelated characters to unlock.
Boom! is designed with intuitive controls made for handheld devices, ensuring that both beginners and seasoned gamers can enjoy its gameplay.

In the world of Boom!, the line between action and strategy blurs, creating a gaming experience that's nothing short of explosive! Unleash powerful weapons to obliterate your surroundings and inflict the greatest amount of damage... or employ tactics and strategies to stylishly outwit your opponent. The possibilities in Boom! are endless! Jump your way to victory, or teleport yourself to prime firing locations. Harness the laws of physics to your advantage with ricochets and gravity. Erect walls and platforms to fortify your position. Slip into invisibility or burrow a tunnel to catch your enemy off guard. Play defensively with hearts and shields. Test your fortune with luck-dependent weapons and relish in their unpredictably amusing outcomes!

- Colorful pixel art graphics.
- 150 destructible battlefields, handcrafted with love.
- 75 well balanced and unique weapons.
- Bazookas, Bombs, Brick Potions, Chicken, Poop, Drill Rockets, Fart Beans, Shields, Teleportation Balls…
- 200 cute pixelated fighters to unlock. Warriors, animals, superheros and many others.
- Time-limited Leaderboards with rewards for the winner.
- Private Arenas to play with friends or communities of players.
- Seasonal Challenges with twisted rules (lunar gravity, sudden death…)
- 50 achievements that unlock new fighters.
- 100 emoji for in-game communication.
- Straightforward controls made for mobile.
- An interactive tutorial for a great first experience.
- Free to play: the basic weapons are unlimited.

“Two decades ago, Thomas and I were high schoolers, engrossed in a game on our TI-83 graphing calculator. It was a simple game, aptly named 'Boom', featuring two rectangles sending each other missiles in a battlefield shaped by a solid sinusoid. As we dreamt of developing games, we always revisited the idea of recreating 'Boom' with modern graphics, unique weapons, and that instantly fun gameplay. No scrolling, easy controls, and straightforward rules. When we later founded our mobile game studio, we often revisited the idea, but it always seemed too ambitious and risky. It took us nearly a decade to gather the experience and resources needed to bring 'Boom' to life. We've poured our energy into this project and hope players will truly enjoy it!”
– Jérémie Francone (Co-founder and developer of Boom!, 1Button)

“Boom! marks our first self-published game in years. We may not have extensive publishing experience or a hefty budget, but we've given it our all to bring our dream game to life. Now, all we can do is hope that players will embrace it with the same passion with which we created it!”
– Thomas Castel (Co-founder and developer of Boom!, 1Button)

Boom! is Free with no interstitial ads or banners.
Optional In-App Purchases and Rewarded Videos are available to acquire more coins, diamonds, and weapons.
After several months of soft-launch, it is now available worldwide, exclusively on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

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Located in Grenoble, France and founded in 2013, 1Button is an indie studio specialized in mobile games. 1Button has achieved significant success with several games, including Mr Jump, Super Sharp, The Superhero League (80M installs) and Mr Bullet (150M installs!).
The studio was founded by Thomas Castel, Jérémie Francone and Alexandre Konieczny, the trio of developers behind Boom. The team has since expanded to include six developers, concentrating their efforts on crafting multiplayer mobile games.