Mr Jump World
We launched Mr Jump in March 2015, it was a huge hit with about 25M players. To celebrate this anniversary we are launching a new Mr Jump game: Mr Jump World.

Mr Jump was a hardcore platform game. The gameplay was simple but the difficulty was insane (most players never passed the first level, only 0.003% of our players finished the game).

After 4 years we had many new ideas to make the game more enjoyable for everyone: shorter and more intense levels, coins to collect, portrait mode to increase the height of the levels, and a lot of work on the difficulty curve.

Mr Jump World is a side-scrolling, one-button platform game with minimalist graphics. The character runs automatically and a tap makes it jump. The goal is to avoid traps and to reach the end of the level. The player can control the length of the jumps by holding his/her touch.

Coins are only used inside the levels (it is not a virtual currency). If the player collects all the coins in a level, it's a perfect.

120 handmade levels are available at launch, in 24 colorful environments (plains, desert, ice, forest!). More levels will be added later.

Mr Jump World is free with ads. An IAP allows to remove the ads.

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