Your finger is Ultra Sharp!
We are really glad to launch Ultra Sharp, our new puzzle game!

Ultra Sharp is the highly anticipated follow-up to the award winning physics game Super Sharp, with new game elements and new rules.

Super Sharp has been an awesome success in 2015 (Editors' Choice, Best of 2015, 5-star rating!). Two years later, we wanted to create new levels for Super Sharp, but after a while we realized that we had so many new ideas that we had to create a brand new game. Ultra Sharp was born: new graphic style, hundreds of new levels and a new business model to make it accessible to more player.

We literally spent months on the levels, to refine every detail and to make sure that the difficulty curve was perfect. We created 384 ingenious levels by hand (only the first 192 levels will be available day one). Every level has a clever and satisfying solution.

In Ultra Sharp, the only way to interact is to cut the matter. The levels are composed of many game elements: polygons of several colors (black polygons cannot be cut), pins, ropes, motors, gears, polygons with a different gravity!

There are 3 different rules:
Stars: collect all the stars by touching them with a bit of matter of the same color.
Areas: convey special elements into a dedicated area for a few seconds.
Percent: kick a certain amount of matter out of the screen with a limited number of cuts.

Ultra Sharp is free with a few ads and 2 optional IAPs (remove ads and skip a level). It will be available on June 14 but it is already available for pre-order.

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