Are you ready to dunk?
We are launching a new game called Flick Dunk today!

Flick Dunk is a casual, physics-based 2D basketball game with minimalist graphics. The goal is to flick the ball through the hoop and to score as many points as possible. Various obstacles may appear to disturb or help the player, and the basket itself is changing position each time a point is scored.

Scoring a series of points without missing a shot (combo) is rewarded by an increasing amount of coins. For example, scoring 1 isolated point will be rewarded by only 1 coin, while scoring 8 successive points without missing any shot will be rewarded by 36 coins (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8).

More than 60 balls can be unlocked (tennis ball, football, pizza, watermelon, emoji, Earth, eye!) by inserting coins in a Gashapon-like machine.

There are 3 game modes (Normal, Time Limit, Perfect).

The game is free with a few ads (interstitials and rewarded videos).
There is one in-app purchase to remove ads.

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