Banana Bunch
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We are launching today a new platformer called Banana Bunch!

Banana Bunch is a vertically scrolling 2D platformer with subtle tilt controls. The game features a monkey who must climb a giant banana tree and grab as much bananas as possible. The character automatically jumps on platforms (tree branches) and smoothly moves left or right with tilt gestures. The game ends if the character falls from the tree, or hits a bird or a spike.

A bunch of items and powerups can be used, such as Jetpacks, Super Bananas, Banana Magnets or Shields.

Several environments are available (jungle, twilight jungle, night jungle, winter jungle!).
Additional playable characters (female monkey, lion, bear, cats, frog!) can be unlocked with bananas. Banana Bunch is part of the same universe as Nekosan, featuring the same characters, with the addition of some new ones. Also, Mr Flap is an enemy in the game!

The game is free with a few ads (interstitials). There are 2 optional IAPs: remove ads, and unlock a special playable character (pig).

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