We are proud to launch a new little puzzle game called Bitgram!

Bitgram is basically a binary tangram. The goal is to place as many shapes as possible on a 8x8 grid, with no time limit. There are only two colors, and a shape can only be placed on its opposite color on the grid.

The player can always choose among 4 shapes. As soon as a shape is placed on the grid, a new shape of the opposite color pops-up in the empty slot. The game ends when none of the 4 shapes can be placed on the grid.

We took great care to design shapes that are complementary to each other. To make sure that the difficulty is well balanced, the game starts with a set of easy shapes, and more complex shapes appear as the game goes on.

Bitgram is free with a few ads (a banner and an interstitial at the end of the game).

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