220 levels for ON/OFF
A major update of ON/OFF, our puzzle game, is released today! 60 new levels are available in addition to the 160 previous ones. They are to be unlocked with an In-App Purchase ($0.99).

These new levels are split in 3 worlds with a progressive difficulty: one easy world, one medium and one hard. They also introduce the black block with switches! Of course, all the levels have been designed and shuffled manually. Some of these new levels are shown below.

ON/OFF was initially released on December 14, 2012 and has been downloaded more than 900,000 times. The users have solved more than 11 millions levels and have spent almost 60 years (!) playing.

ON/OFF is very hard: only 150 players were able to complete the game so far. It's a kind of 2D evolution of the Rubik's Cube. Each level requires a particular strategy to be solved.

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